Josh Bellamy is a southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma native, growing up in the small rural  community of Freeport, KS, actively involved in farming and 4-H at an early age. Josh believes that the friends and family of the Freeport community gave him a firm foundation in which he has built his career. Attending high school just across the border in Wakita, Oklahoma, Josh continued to be active in FFA, participating in livestock shows, judging, speech contests, and in leadership training.Josh obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in communication from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in the Spring of 2007, specializing in marketing and advertising. While attending college he continued to work actively in farming, primarily raising alfalfa and wheat in the Burlington area. During this time Josh continued his education and completed the Masters Degree program at Northwestern.Following his completion of the Masters Degree, Josh acquired both a real estate and crop insurance license and immediately began working with area Ag producers to protect their investments with risk management products. During this same time, he attended Missouri Auction School and began working and conducting real estate and personal property auctions throughout northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas. In the Spring of 2010 Josh was recognized by the Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association as the Oklahoma Champion Rookie Auctioneer, and since has been a two time auctioneer championship finalist, the 2011 Oklahoma First Runner-Up Auctioneer, and the 2013 Oklahoma State Champion Auctioneer.Since obtaining his real estate license, Bellamy has sold millions in equipment and machinery, as well as residential, farmland, and commercial real estate, in not only live auctions, but also in private treaty negotiations.

Professional Education:

-Masters Degree in Adult Education, Management & Administration, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva, OK
-Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication, Marketing & Advertising, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva, OK
-Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) Class III at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
-Missouri Auction School Graduate – Auctioneering and Auction Sales Management<

Areas of Expertise:

-Background in Agriculture including Crop & Livestock Production
-Experienced Equipment Appraiser
-Active Licensed Real Estate Broker since 2013
-Active Licensed Real Estate Associate since 2009
-Licensed Crop Insurance Agent since 2009
-Licensed Property & Casualty Agent since 2011

Achievements and Awards:

-2010 Oklahoma State Rookie Auctioneer Champion
-2011 Oklahoma First Runner-Up Auctioneer
-2012 Future Insurance Leader of Oklahoma
-2013 Oklahoma State Marketing Award
-2013 Oklahoma State Champion Auctioneer
– Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association Board Member


-National Auctioneers Association
-Oklahoma State Auctioneers Association
-Kansas Auctioneers Association
-Certified Appraisers Guild of America
-Certified Auctioneers Institute
-Paul Harris Fellow – Cherokee Rotary Club
-Past President of Cherokee Mainstreet / Chamber of Commerce


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